David Tennants unusual hairstyle looks really good on him. Do not let appearances fool you in style. Even though his hair as if it were slightly mussed at any given time, that style is not as easy to achieve as anyone might think on the first look at this.

We have to part his hair and comb it back and over to get it to stand up and come alive, then use hair styling gel to actually provide the hold as his hair is actually long enough to lay flat if left to its own devices. So, let's try this latest hairstyle for winter 2009 to show a new trend from your side.

David Tennants Hairstyles - Winter 2009 fashion for Men

David Tennant hairstyle
David Tennant hairstyles for men

David Tennant haircut
David Tennant haircuts for winter 2009 fashion men
David Tennant mussed hairstyle